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Thank you!

Last Wednesday, something special happened in Pip. To us as an organization this would have to be the best Pecha Kucha Night in The Hague, yet! Over 100 people showed up to get inspired and be entertained, to laugh and to meet new people. Now, we look back at the last edition with you to enjoy it for one last time and get ideas for the next PKDH, which will take place somewhere in June.

This time, more than during the previous editions, speakers took the liberty to find their own creative way of using the 20×20 format. We saw combinations of pictures, videos and sound, but also performances in fragments of 20 seconds. Some speakers chose to not talk, others seemed to have everything planned out. Variation is what makes a Pecha Kucha Night so unique. Not only in content, but also in locations, variety was the key word of the night; we went to Gambia, Nigeria, Birma, The Kyrgyz Republic, Sankt Moritz or stayed in the city centre of The Hague.

As you may have noticed, we filmed everything, which is now availabe through Pip tv;

part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

We also uploaded pictures to our Flickr-group, feel free to spread and share! Credits for the pictures go to Anna Czyzewska.

Ofcourse, we have some people to thank, starting with the speakers, in order of appearance;

Joost Haas
Bas Ackermann
Christian Kryl
Saskia Mees
Shireen van Dorp
Ruben Steeman
Sieko Kloosterhuis
Ibrahim Ineke
Maurice Ajanaku
Martijn Kramp
Peter de Ruiter
Sietze Kalkwijk

Ofcourse, much love to Pip who once again opened up their doors for all of us. Don’t forget to support these guys, in this setback, by visiting Steun de Pip dip and donating. Much thanks to for helping us out with the technical part and the stream, brought to you by Zapstream.  And a very special thanks to Tanja Busking and Dayna Casey, for the very slick design of the posters and flyers!

And last, but not least; thank you! Without your enthusiasm, support and you being there, Pecha Kucha Night in The Hague would not be here. We will keep you posted when we have the next date, and we hope to see you there.

To conclude; a drawing Ruben Steeman made of PKDH#3


Speaker: Maurice Ajanaku

Being active in the design industry for years, Maurice has explored different aspects of this field. At first, he started off as an industrial designer at Mountain Design, now moved on to being a Senior Designer. His specializations include branding and packaging design, keeping the latest trends in the back of his head. Recently, Maurice started a fundraiser for ‘Stepping Stones Nigeria’, an orphanage/school for abandoned children in Nigeria.

Besides all this, Maurice keeps his lifestyle-blog and is part of the NNEST crew. So if you have time after checking out all of this, check out his portfolio and the website for Stepping Stones.

Speaker: Ibrahim Ineke

One of the driving forces behind the Baracca artist initiative, an artist with a very unique style and a complete mystery. We like you, have only this image to base our expectations upon.

Speaker: Saskia Mees

As founder and creative director of ALBA Theaterhuis, a stage for young theater makers in The Hague, she is very involved in the cultural scene of the city. Even though born in Scheveningen, her family heritage consists of a Japanese Geisha on one side, on the other a Jewish psychoanalist. A self-titled inspirer, creator of confusion and celebrator of confusion on a daily basis.

We are very curious to see what she will bring us tomorrow! In the meanwhile, take a look at the website for Alba Theaterhuis.

Speaker: Joost Haas

Joost is an experience designer, who enables the experienced situation of his work to grow among it’s spectators. His work varies from furniture to multi-mobile driving objects.

What Joost will present at PKDH#3 is a mystery as great to you, as it is to us. So we’re anxious to see what he will show and tell. In the meanwhile, we will have to put our nerves at ease by looking at Joost’s website.

Speaker: Sieko Kloosterhuis

When he quit high school at the age of 16, and started studying photography, people probably would have guessed his love for this field wouldn’t die soon. Even after a year of daily news-photography, he wasn’t done and started studying photography at KABK in 2002. When he graduated in 2007, he traded in his camera for a bicycle-taxi and did this for a year in Amsterdam. Now that he’s back on his breath, he reminds the photography-scene of his existence;
Sieko’s Fietstaxi, Amsterdam Nightrider will come out early April 2010.

However, on PKDH#3, Sieko will give us a preview of a new series titled ‘ERROR’. In this series, Sieko’s pictures and videos will merge with the work of audiograph Hannes Wallrafen.

For more info, check out Sieko’s website.

Speaker: Christian Kryl

Graduated in 2009 at the Royal Academy of Art, in the field of photography. Specialized in approaching subjects from a documentary perspective, he was featured in several publications. More about this you can find on his website.