Speaker: Bas Kools

Bas Kools designs ceramic objects and a chair for new ways of living in a city and the policlinic of the future. Important questions are  ‘what is the function?’ and ‘how can it adapt to an environment or situation?’. He studied at the Arnhem Academy of Arts and Design and The Royal College of Arts in London. He wants designers to play a role in the process of creating a new future together in which the designed product is not the goal but the medium. In his collaboration in The Mobile Workshop Group, scenarios for living together in new ways are created in practical and hand on workshops. Design thinking at its core but always using social interaction to create transparancy and awareness. Beautiful examples are his flexibile ceramic series in which he uses material in a new and adaptive way, but also his involvement in creating a neighbourhood sinage with young kids to introduce them to design and generating ideas. For more highly inspirational stuff, check out Bas’ website.

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