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Speaker: (LUSTlab) Floris Douma

“LUSTlab researches, generates, hypotheses and makes unstable media stable again. Being more than a new form of Research & Development, LUSTlab goes further than observing, inventing and producing, by forming a platform where knowledge, issues and ideologies can be shared. It cuts with a razorsharp knife through the overpopulated grey area of architecture, technology and interactivity.”



More on LUST and more on Floris.



Speaker: Steven van Lummel

Graduated Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and flourished to be a true cultural entrepreneur. He founded SBSC (Stichting ter Bevordering der Sociale Contacten), HSU (Haagse Skate Unie) and Pip, to just name a few. He has been a representative for political party Haagse Stadspartij and he regularly hosts events and interviews. Oh yeah, and he’s also active in the Los Bastardos collective.

Speaker: Astrid Nobel

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Minerva, Groningen, Astrid took on the prestigious Vrije Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. A lot of her work has to do with time and dreams. Annotations of time, or keeping track of occurrences.

We are very curious to what Astrid will present next Wednesday! In the meantime, get to know more about her here.

Speaker: Mink Pinster

Studied Audiovisual Design at the St. Joost academy and in the meanwhile got involved in Jam de la Creme, an annual festival held on the beach. The aim of the festival is to have artists from different backgrounds and genres, perform together on stage in a jam session. His participation in Jam de la Creme is a clear signal for a passion for music. For example, in his documentary Ja, dat is Den Haag! he made a portrait of the local music scene of The Hague.

Check out his website for more info and projects.

Speaker: Boris de Vries

Graphic designer, graduating at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Besides studying, he has been steadily putting out work under the name of Father Futureback and performs in the ‘retarded darkdrug noisepunk’ band Adolf Butler.


We can not wait.


Speaker: Guy Bosch

One of the founders of cultural breeding ground Bed Elze, which offers 300 sq meters to facilitate expositions, lectures and gatherings. The strategy is collaborating with a mixture of different individuals and cultural organisations to create new projects.


Bed Elze is located at Spui 24-26 (downtown The Hague)

Speaker: Xander Peppelenbosch

Founder of TrashLab and with a background in theatre, we decided on inviting this very unique builder of small robot-like creatures.

“A ‘Trashure’ is a electronic creature made from tech-trash (discarded CD’s, mobile phones, computer parts and more). It lives on sunlight and communicates with it’s environment. Kids creating a trashure experience that what some classify as trash, others can classify as a true treasure.”


For more info check out TrashLab.