Speaker: Adrian Woods

Adrian Woods graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague last year, The Netherlands with a focus on still life photography and instantly won a series of prizes for his graduation project. He controls the canvas inside and outside the studio, and thrives on changing between these environments. For the past few years his artistic vision has been directed towards exploring the juxtaposition between the natural and the artificial. Driven by a childhood fascination for the natural world and a previous study ‘engineering, design and innovation’.

Visit Adrian’s website to see more about Ornamism, and his other projects.


Speaker: [The User]

[The User] is a contemporary art collective comprised of architect and installation artist Thomas McIntosh, and composer and sound artist Emmanuel Madan. The duo’s collaborative projects re-imagine relationships between technological systems, culture and human experience in striking ways.

Formed in 1997 in Montreal, [The User] has attained wide international recognition in international media arts circuits. The Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers project has toured extensively on the international stage, while the ongoing Silophone project, active since 2000, transforms an abandoned grain elevator in the Port of Montreal into a musical instrument which is accessible the world over via internet and telephone. In 2008, [The User] launched the first in a series of homages to György Ligeti entitled Coincidence Engines.

The collective has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions, including the Telefilm Canada Prize for Canadian New Media work (FCMM, Montreal, 1998), An Honourable Mention at Prix Ars electronica (Linz, 1999), an Honourable mention at Festival Interférences (CICV, Belfort, 2000), First Prize in the Performance Section of the FCMM (Montreal, 2001) and a Nomination to the Nam June Paik Prize (Kunststiftung NRW, Dortmund, 2004).

[The User] takes its name from a term employed by our technocratic society, especially in design-related fields such as engineering, architecture and software development. The term ‘user’ objectifies and reduces individuality to an abstract and generic ideal. This reduction is employed wherever abstract rational methodology is applied to situations involving real people. The precepts of mass production and the economies of scale necessitate a boiling down of the individuality of the subject, a reduction to generic anonymity and a constraining of the subject’s agency and creative possibility.

Speaker: Hicham Khalidi

Hicham Khalidi followed his studies in finance with work in the fashion industry and six years as a freelance webdesigner.

In 2003, together with a group of friends, he initiated the organisation TAG (platform for contemporary audio and visual art). At the moment he is fully employed at TAG as general supervisor and curator of projects in the field of contemporary art related to technology. Next to this Hicham collaborates in several other events a.o. TodaysArt Festival.

Be sure to check out the (new) TAG website, which is a project on it’s own.

Speaker: Alexis O’Hara

Alexis O’Hara is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal whose practice exploits allegories of the human voice via electronic improvisation, video and installation. In 2003, she began an exploration of interactive documentary performance with the project Subject to Change, followed by The Sorrow Sponge, both projects involve wearable electronics and direct interaction with her audience. O’Hara won a Canada Council grant in 2002 to produce her debut album, In Abulia, and has presented her performances, recordings and installations across Europe.

Be sure to check out her website for other projects!

Speaker: Cornelius Harris

To see what Cornelius is into these days, check out the website for Alter Ego Management.

PKDH # 5

PKDH#4 Wrap-Up

So, it’s been a year. A year of thinking, organizing and most of all; enjoying Pecha Kucha Night in Den Haag. Time to look back at the last edition.

We started off with dinner in the sunlight, some relaxing music and with a mixture of speakers, returning visitors and new audience. Thanks to Lucy and Steef, our stomaches were filled with the best soups, quiches and salads one could wish for. Later, we found out, the food served as a base for the most divergent PKDH in history.

After dinner, even though it seemed hard to get everybody inside, the tempo kicked in and it was PechaKucha all over the place. From art with blow-up dolls to spatial design through lighting via extreme sports photography; everywhere it went.  Some of the speakers chose to take the 20×20 format very lightly, while others chose to take the presentation format as a backbone for their stories. In subjects, speakers, presentations, images, colors and even sound, this was a true culinary sequel to the very culinary moment we had before the Night started.

Now it’s time to conclude this season of Pecha Kucha Nights in Den Haag, but not before we thank everybody who contributed to making this Night, a Night to remember;

First, an honorable mention to Dayna Casey and Tanja Busking; Two very talanted graphic designers who without profit, have made sure PKDH has a visual identity which is not only fitting to us as an organization, but also one that lures the eye towards..

Pip! Without these guys, PKDH would have never been possible and by opening up their facilities to us, they also showed Pip is a place able to handle more than just parties. Ofcourse a big hug for Lucy and Steef from De Overkant and Diverso, for coming up with this amazing catering that made everybody happy!

And we shouldn’t forget Jorick.tv for taking care of the technicalities, Zapstream for recording all the presentations(will be online soon..) and Dayna Casey for taking pictures throughout the Night. Take a look at the complete set of pictures on our Flickr!

To all the speakers; thank you for your enthusiasm and inspirational talks, without you, we’d be nothing but a bar with people! A list, in order of appearance;

Sander Reijgers

Mariska de Groot

Robert Overweg

Jan Willem Terlouw

Mike Rijnierse

Isabella Rozendaal

Bier en Brood (Michiel&Koen)

Bas Kools

Frans de Leef

Maarten Huisman

Michele Bagaglio

Karin Langeveld

And last, but certainly not least, THANK YOU!

PKDH#5 will be held at TodaysArt on Saturday September 25th, see you there!