PKN The Hague Vol. 2

Last week we posted a collection of photos from PechaKucha Night in The Hague Vol. 2 — and pointed you to this Flickr photoset. We now follow that up with a report sent to us by organizer Bram van Hasselt.

The second PechaKucha Night for the city of The Hague had, like the first edition, the bite the organizers wanted it to have. Besides the effort they put in getting an outstanding flock of guests together, a second edition in general tells even more about a first edition: how did the word of mouth go, does the format prove to work and is the public willing to come back. Well, they were! An even broader variety of people came to ‘PIP Den Haag’ (a special department in the big Bink36 building) defying the cold to watch and listen to some very special presentations.

The organisers managed to not only find people that are known for their fantastic still-image work, but also, for example, performer and singer Marianne Kirch, Rotterdam based film producer Jos van de Pal and Rogier Wieland with his overwhelming presentation of his stop motion and animated work, that perfectly fit in the format of 20×20.

After this second edition we are again firmly convinced of the strength of PechaKucha Night in The Hague and its future development to let it suit the character of this city even better. PechaKucha Night The Hague will continue to give space for edgy, rare, mainstream, junior and arrived artist, thinkers and charactères-extraordinaire.

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