One gap in an international festival’s programming, one room, one bar, 14 speakers, 280 slides and tons of energy. We had fun last Saturday. Now let’s look back at our one year anniversary edition of Pecha Kucha Den Haag, at TodaysArt 2010.

When we first heard TodaysArt would give us the opportunity to host our fifth edition at their 2010 edition and we would be able to approach speakers through them, we immediately broke out in enthusiasm over the international character we could give the one year edition of our beloved PKDH. After four editions at Pip, we felt it was not only time to move to a different location, but also reinvent the direction we would take with our local Pecha Kucha. And it was great, it felt fresh and the talks were more versatile than ever!

First of all, thanks to all the speakers (in order of appearance)

Willem van der Sluis

Thomas McIntosh – [The User]

Akinori Oishi

Martin Bricelj

Chris Kuhlen

Alexis O’Hara

Marc Boumeester

Adrian Woods

Ergün Erkoçu

Luka Ivanovic

Justus Bruns

Hicham Khalidi

Peter ZuiderwijkOnno Dirker

Cornelius Harris

Once again, our “house” designers Dayna Casey and Tanja Busking did a great job on making the visual outlet of this edition a true feast for the eye. So a big thank you to them! Also,Steef and Lucy for making some delicious food and managing to get this to Filmhuis on time! Let’s not forget the lovely Anna Czyzewska for the beautiful pictures you’re looking at. See the rest of the pictures either on our Facebook or our Flickr.

Two organisations who deserve our gratitude; Filmhuis Den Haag for the location and very sleek production setup, and of course;  TodaysArt. Thank you so much for all the support we received for not only making it happen, but also have the most powerful line-up we could possibly hope for.

We had fun, we were inspired and we were intrigued by the talks. We hope you were too, thanks for all the people attending this legendary edition of PKDH! We hope to see you for our next edition, which will take place somewhere in December. Check our twitterFacebook andthis blog to stay updated on all announcements!


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